In 2010 our Pride leader Steve Kelly followed his passion of lions and started volunteering at a Lion Park in the Free State, It was during this time he realized he had the ability to work with these animals on a hands on basis and develop relationships with a Variety of South African Predators including Cheetah, Leopard , Tigers, Caracal’s and many more of Africa’s Predators

Steve moved on to a few other sanctuaries over the years working during the week as a Sales manager for a Telecommunications company and working with the Cats he loved on Weekends

In May 2015 Steve’s Father Maynard Sadly Passed away to a Stroke and it’s then that Steven Met Craig Busch  on animal planets TV show The Lion man


Steve spent four months with Craig and during this time he saw another side of the Captive Lion Industry, Steve documented his experience with Craig Busch and in November 2015 Steven met another Childhood Hero Mad Mike Penman from the world famous TV show Mad Mike and Mark.

Steve grew a quick bond with Mike through their mutual love of lions and together they Exposed Craig Busch for his horrific treatment of his Cats and friends on south Africa’s top rated journalism program Carte Blanche,The Story was broadcast in Late November and afterwards Craig took both Steven and Carte blanche to court , and eventually lost both cases.

It was during this time Mike focused on putting Stevens love of lions into better use and together they Created WILD World tours,  Where they focused there passion into educating guests on the Wild Lions that remain in Africa. Since 2015 Wild World tours has only taken there guests to see Lions do what lions do Best ‘’BE LIONS’’……..


Mike passed away on the 4th January 2018 but the lessons and stories of lions he passed onto Steve will forever be imprinted on the WILD WORLD PRIDE to share with guests to make sure Mikes legacy with lions lives on …